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Mark Garry in Pittsburgh


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As I was in Pittsburgh over the past few days, I went to the Mattress Factory (art museum) (check out their blog) with my fiancé, Tara. Several exhibits were currently being built, so our range of work that we could see what limited. As we went to explore these exhibits, we caught the elevator with one of the artists who was working his own exhibit. The wonderful artist from Ireland, greeted us and offered to give us a peak at his work. Obviously, we graciously took him up on his offer. We got to see him building one of his rainbows of thread and then divulged in a short, but very nice, discussion of the meaning behind the material and how the piece interacts with the viewer. However, since Mr. Garry is concerned with the subjective experience, I’ll leave it up to you to decide what you think.
Here is an example of his work.

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