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Heinz Klinkon: Words of Wisdom

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Heinz Klinkon has a posse

This is a project I did in a class about a month after Heinz Klinkon had passed. From what I can tell it’s the best documentation of the discussions about him before and after. The objective of the project was to pay respect to the wisdom and inspiration that he shared. I chose to share text rather than photos, because his words are was he was so well known for. Students, myself included, would have to quickly whip out a notepad, if we weren’t already equipped, to jot down some of the remarkable things he would say. His perspectives were beautiful, consistent and just what we needed to push us to the next level without giving us the answer. You are missed, Heinz.

Thanks to Maury Postal for reminding me to post this.

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  • Cath Chou

    Heinz was the epitome of what the essence of art and design cannot express. He lived the soul of what it is to be human on this earth, and tried to bring it to visual expression. Most of us will not have a clue as to what he as trying to express until we are close to death itself. Others of us will be lucky to sense the illumination of what it really means to be alive, what it is to be truly open to all that is annoying, transient, and generally the temporary predicament in which we find ourselves, as a doorway into enlightenment.

  • His wisdom and character is something to strive for.

  • Steven Palmer

    Heinz was my typog. prof. at RIT – and he taught me so much. Sad to find out he passed.

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