Your Choice: Fair Trade Coffee

What is fair trade?

Ensures a Fair Price for Farmers

Farms are guaranteed a price of $1.26 per pound
of coffee.

Fair Wages for Workers

Fair Trade Organizations make sure that the money is distrubuted fairly to the workers.

Safe Working Conditions

To be fair trade certified, organizations make sure that
the environment and expectations of workers are not of "sweatshop" farms like many of the conventional
coffee farms.

Direct Market Access

Eliminating several of the middlemen in the distribution of coffee can help keep the price down for consumers.

Community Development

Fair trade farms are required to contribute to their society and scholarships, making schools available to more children and providing schools the ability to educate children even better.

Democratic Decision Making

Fair trade farmers and workers meet and democratically make decisions on how money is spent and conditions in the workplace.

Sustainable Farming Methods

Fair trade farms are required to work in ways that do not harm the environment and its inhabitants. This includes producing organic coffee, where they can't use pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

Environmental Protection

Fair trade makes sure that the plants and animals are
able to thrive in their environment, unharmed. This includes requiring the farms to have at least %40 shade at all times.

"There are a number of different ways to interpret what is fair. However, it stands to reason that the people who grow the coffee you drink in the morning should not be condemned to live in poverty for their efforts. The Fair Trade Model is not limited solely to beverages. It can and is used for food, clothing and crafts."

-Equal Exchange