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Creative Grab Bag is out!

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Creative Grab Bag Book Cover
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The Creative Grab Bag is a great project by Ethan Bodnar in which creatives were assigned projects that were not their specialty. The idea is to get someone out of their comfort zone and see what a creative person can do when picking up a new type of task. In my case, my assignment was to visually represent all or any of the senses. A common theme I noticed from the commentary of others is that they found it was quite difficult deciding on a solution on a project with so few restrictions.

There are a number of great designers and big names that contributed to the Creative Grab Bag, including Armin Vit and Byrony Gomez-Palacio of UnderConsideration, Debbie Millman, Paul Sahre, Michael Surtees, Carin Goldberg just to name a few. Not to mention, ID29’s Doug Bartow. Although, I think my favorite was Ryan Cox’s entry. The project drew entries from all around the world.

When I found out the book was available, I couldn’t wait to see what the other creatives had done. So, I rushed out to my local Barnes&Noble and picked up a copy. You can also get it on Amazon.

Food Typography Creative Grab Bag Paul Stonier

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