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Staples Annual Report

Graphic Design, Typography


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2007 Staples Annual Report Robert Holmkvist design Staples’ 2007 Annual Report with some great experiental goodies including a metal binding holding the pages together, tabs for sections, and a letter from the president in an envelope. This must have cost a pretty penny and it doesn’t seem to represent the Staples brand very accurately. I found this at this new blog: TypeNeu

  • I must confess I think it is a great idea and piece of work.

    I was interested in your comment about it not representing the staples brand very accurately. I quite like the idea of the jiffy envelope and metal binder!

    Chris from

  • I agree. It’s a great idea, but their brand isn’t bubbly, energetic, creative and free-spirit like the design portrays them too be. They’re a relaxed corporate office retailer.

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